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TiVo Desktop Will Not Transfer Series 2 and Series 3
Feb 16, 2013 at 3:03:12 PM  |  #1

Here we go again.  Something change  since yesterday, Friday, 2/15/2013.  Cannot transfer shows from either of my Series 3 TiVo boxes or my Series 2 TiVo box (although the Series 2 has not worked properly for months, it just reboots with I tried to transfer to a PC).  TiVo to TiVo works, PC to TiVo works, but not TiVo to PC.  Process fails with message: "Function failed during execution".  Called TiVo Customer Service.  They know about the problem (ref# 130216-009650).  My software release version did not change but something in the TiVo software changed.  I would like to know if anyone with a Series 4 TiVo box has the same problem.  Perhaps TiVo engineers need to TEST updates on older TiVo boxes, unless this is their way of making have to upgrade, like Comcast did by going all digital making the tuner on the Series 2 useless.

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