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(Never Logged In) dwgelle
Motorola VIP2202 & Series 2
Aug 9, 2012 at 9:00:51 PM  |  #1

Has anyone come across the Motorola VIP2202 yet? I cannot get my Tivo Series 2 to change channels with the IR blasters. 

Just looking for any help.



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(Never Logged In) tivosupport_darrol
Aug 10, 2012 at 10:57:11 AM  |  #2

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with this cable box. I have a couple of questions and a couple of recommendations which should hopefully assist with your problem:

Have you attempted to use any IR codes? Typically, manufacturers will have a generic IR code and sometimes more specific IR codes for their cable boxes. In this case, Motorola has 10006 and 10104 as their generic codes. You may want to try going through advanced channel changing on your TiVo and manually enter those codes. If they do not work, Motorola specifically has two additional codes listed for their VIPxxxx line of boxes: 10081 and 10088.

To access the Advanced Channel Changing option, go to TiVo Central---> Messages and Settings---> Settings---> Channels---> Channel Changing. Let the TiVo know that you are using the same cable box (if you have already tried setting up with Motorola) and that you are using IR. The next page should prompt you for Recommended or Advanced setup, choosing the Advanced Setup option will allow you to manually enter any of the codes.

Additionally, if you cannot get any of those four codes to work, you may try to perform a search through any engine online specifically for the make and model of this box. Typically, there are PDF's online for the user manuals of specific boxes which have proven to provide an IR code in the past.

If the above recommendations do not work, your final step would be to contact either your provider or Motorola to see if they can provide you with an IR code which will work with your set up. Apologies for the lengthy message but I hope this helps.

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