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Gray screen freeze on startup - Remove USB WiFi
Sep 23, 2010 at 2:31:16 AM  |  #1

For some reason, our Tivo HD rebooted overnight; it froze on the Powering Up screen.  Multiple power down / power up attempts always led to Powering Up followed by a gray screen.

So, I powered down, disconnected the USB WiFi antenna, and powered up - and all was well - it booted normally.  I then reconneccted the USB WiFi  antenna, and the Tivo HD was back on WiFi.  (I then immediately backed up the most important 6 shows to my laptop Tivo Desktop.)

This occurred to me because something similar occasionally occurs on my laptop, and disconnecting all USB devices allows the laptop to reboot.

This may not work in all situations, but it resolved our problem, when we thought that either the power supply or disk drive had failed.
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