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Green Screen of Death, over and over and over...
Mar 15, 2008 at 6:33:34 PM  |  #1
About a month ago, my wife reported the Tivo (Series 3 HD, version 9.2 s/w, WD DVR 500GB Expander attached viae-sata ) restarting every day about 4 PM. She mentioned that during this process a Green Screen appeared warning of a serious error that Tivo was going to attempt to fix, that it might take up to three hours and if I were worried about screen burn-in, I should turn off the TV. The error, whatever it was, was repaired in 15 minutes or less and the Tivo would work fine until about 4 pm the next day when the cycle would repeat.

We called Tivo and in consultation with Level Two Support, agreed to return the current unit in exchange for a refurbished replacement unit. This exchange was accomplished with some difficulty. The replacement unit was put into service. As no instructions were included with the unit, I replaced all the cables and powered up the system.

I want to stress that no instructions were included with the unit. That omission lead to the following problems. Within about four hours as I was attempting to update the guide information, the system seemed to freeze. I unplugged, waited for a few moments -- 15 to 30 seconds -- then repowered the unit. There was no response.

I called Tivo and over the course of several hours, learned that the replacement units are shipped with waht they term BASE LEVEL SOFTWARE. At this point, Base Level means Version 8. Version 8 software does not support the DVR expanders and connecting the Expander I had, effectively destroyed the system. Tivo shipped another replacement unit.

The replacement unit arrived this week along with the replacement DVR expander unit which I had obtained from Western Digital without a bit of trouble. This time I got the Tivo running, then waited until the 9.2a software update was applied, then I attached the DVR expander once again.

So far, so good......

This morning at 1130 AM time local, the Tivo rebooted without warning, displaying the Green Screen of Death once again. After 15 minutes of repair, the unit restarted once again and is now in service without further problems.

I called Tivo support and after consultation with internal resources, they suggested that if we catch the Tivo during this failure recovery mode once again, then they would guide us through a procedure they called a KICKSTART.

I will update this thread as further progress is made. In the meantime, if you have an expander attached and you encounter a failure requiring replacement, wait until the unit has been updated with the 9.2 update before reconnecting your Expander.

Kind regards,

Stephen Blair
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