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(Never Logged In) aprgrad2004
RF Splitter
May 20, 2006 at 6:43:32 PM  |  #1
My Series 2 TiVo came today and I REALLY want to set it up, however I am really confused. I have a Comcast cable box and their internet service.... SO, when I went to my wall I noticed that there ALREADY IS a RF Splitter there. One of the cables leads to my cable modem and the other leads to my Comcast Cable box and then another cable is sticking out of my TV into my Comcast cable box. So, I am now confused on what the heck to do!

As a note, anyone who helps me PLEASE be specific with your words, I admit to have NO clue what I am doing and please feel free to give me instructions as if I am a child .... I hate dealing with these things, ugh!

Thanks so much =)
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(Never Logged In) stevel
May 20, 2006 at 8:17:03 PM  |  #2
You don't really need another splitter. You can hook up the TiVo and connect it between the cable box and the TV. In fact, you will need to do this anyway so you may as well do it and start taking advantage of TiVo. For the best picture, use the S-Video cable and the left/right audio cables between the cable box and TiVo and between the TiVo and TV.

The RF splitter would be useful if you wanted the ability to watch a second, analog unscrambled channel while the TiVo was recording something different. The simple way to do this is to get a two-output RF splitter . In particular, you want one that is rated for at least 900MHz RadioShack has one for $9.95 that is fine. Disconnect the cable from the cable box Input and connect it to the splitter input. Connect a new RF cable from one splitter output to the cable box input. Connect a second new RF cable from the other splitter output to the TV's RF input (which you should not be using for the TiVo already). Use the TV's tuner to select the channel when you want to watch live, remembering that many channels can't be watched without a cable box.

You could also get a three-output splitter - again, RadioShack has one for $24.95. This would replace the existing splitter that feeds the cable box and cable modem.

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(Never Logged In) medusaworks
May 21, 2006 at 9:04:18 AM  |  #3
I have the same thing so I put the Tivo RF splitter on the cable that leads to the cable box and then I followed the rest of the instructions for the Tivo cablebox setup from there and it seemed to work just fine. Now I say seemed because I had a couple of problems later on but I am not sure if they are related. You can check out my other posts to see if you encounter the same thing.
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