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(Never Logged In) nautical1968
Sep 7, 2005 at 8:21:03 PM  |  #1
I bought a new TiVo Series 2 yesterday and followed the instructions which I will post below(found on Google). I was able to skip directly to the step where I started Guided Set-up, due to the fact that the network was hooked up BEFORE powering on the TiVo for the first time. I don't understand why TiVo won't just say it will work without a phone, but it does.

Follow these steps, EXACTLY...

1.Purchase a USB to Ethernet adapter.

There are three brands that are reported to have worked:
Belkin F5D5050
3COM 3C19250
LinkSys 200M
I put the Belkin on top because that's the one that worked for me. I put the LinkSys on the bottom because a number of people have also reported that one NOT working.
2. IF you have NEVER plugged in your TiVo, skip to step 7. If you have begun Guided Setup, proceed to step 3.
The TiVo is a machine so radically advanced it has no power button. The only way to boot it (or reboot it) is to yank the plug out of the wall, then cram it back in. Genius. So if you've ever booted it up without the adapter, it won't know that's what you need and it won't have configured itself properly. So before you can use the adapter, you've got to ERASE the primary configuration. The procedure for this is not very intuitive, and it all happens behind the scenes.
3. Select "Demo Mode (for retailers only)".
That may not be the exact wording, but you get the idea. To find this, you will have to page all the way back to the very beginning of Guided Setup - the second screen, I believe. A very long and sappy commercial will begin.
4. Reboot.
As mentioned above, this is done by unplugging the TiVo and replugging it. That's gotta be good for the hard drive!
5. Select "No, return to Guided Setup".
This option should be immediately available when the machine finishes booting. See, it was all an elaborate ruse to get the TiVo to wipe its inital config settings. On the front of the box, angry red lights will appear next to the happy green lights, terminating the non-ethernet info along with your zip code and email address and whatever else you typed in there. Eventually it will return to the beginning of the Guided Setup menu, but you're still not ready to go ahead with that.
6. Unplug the TiVo.

7. Connect the USB end of the adapter to the TiVo.
8. Connect the Ethernet end of the adapter to your router.
Remember, this will NOT work over wireless. Nor will it work if you connect the TiVo directly to your cable modem, or DSL jack.
9. Plug in the TiVo.
Marvel at the interminably slow boot for at least the third time today. Sigh in exasperation as the "Welcome!" screen disappears only to be replaced by "Almost there!" Entertain yourself by repeating "Almost... there..." in the voice of that dude who did not make it to the end of the Death Star trench.
10. Select "Yes - Go to the Phone Dialing Options".
Before you get to this selection you will of course page through about ten screens of info, entering your time zone and other info.
11. Enter Dialing Prefix ",#401".
That's COMMA POUND FOUR ZERO ONE, over. As the screen itself will tell you, you enter a comma with the Pause button and a pound sign with the Last/Enter button. This prefix was specifically engineered by the good liars people at TiVo to let the machine know it's us
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(Never Logged In) dirtypacman
Sep 8, 2005 at 5:18:09 AM  |  #2
Glad to hear that worked out for you and thanks for the details for others to follow.
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