Re: IR Codes for PACE DC50X

I have this box and am very frustrated.  (Mostly at Comcast for messing me up as everything was fine before I was forced to use the Digital Transport Adapter).  It is a Pace.

Some basic questions...I am setting up the box like this: 

wall-->DTA-->Splitter-->Tivo-->Television and the other end of the splitter going directly to TV.  (In case I need to watch TV without Tivo). Is this the correct sequence?

Also, when going through the set-up process, Tivo asks is I have a cable box. Is this DTA considered a cable box?  I ask as the configuration/illistration on how to hook up a Dual Series 2 Tivo to cable box on the Tivo screen can not be done with this DTA, as it simply only has one basic cable in and one cable out outlet, not all of the other red/white/yellow outlets.  Do I select "Yes" when Tivo asks if this is a cable box? 

I am ignoring the configuration diagram on the Tivo set-up wizard as it cant be done with this DTA, and proceed.  I am then asked if I see a video.  I don't. However, if I say yes, a brief flash of TV comes through, and then we go through the IR process of connecting the sensors to the DTA.

Continuing on the process, I can't get Tivo to change channels. 

I don't want to buy a comcast digital recorder, I want my Tivo!  Please help!  Can someone reply with the set-up process they used, starting from taking the DTA out of the box and plugging it into the ac outlet?  I am not dumb, but I sure feel like a novice.

Thank You!

Signed, My wife is going to kill me if I can't get this Tivo box to work with this Comcast DTA